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A walk down memory lane with Girl Friday

Last month, we asked for you to share your favorite memories. We’ve had a blast sifting

through all the joy you’ve experienced with the Girl Friday family. Here are a few that caught

our eye and warmed our hearts.

Among many amazing memories, Girl Friday regular Sam Landman had these gems to share:

On Street Scene

“Joel Sass' set design made this whole thing all too real. When an actor can walk around

on a set and it suddenly becomes home, there's not a better feeling in the world. It's like

the right costume. You aren't playing a character. You ARE that character.”

On Our Town

“My first monologue as The Stage Manager was the scariest, most invigorating moments

in the show for me. The fact that I'd been entrusted with revealing the town to the

audience at the top of the show made me giddy. And I looked forward to that

moment every, single night.”

On An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf

“There was something about being sequestered in that little kitchen area, only popping

my head out occasionally, that I really enjoyed. The world of being in a tiny space,

surrounded by cooking utensils, miming the life of a chef, really clicked for me. I give our

brilliant set designer (Steve Kath) full credit for that feeling of total immersion.”

For dramaturg, Kit Gordon, the opportunity to step out of her role left a lasting impression:

“One of the joys of working and playing with a small theatre company is the unexpected

opportunity to learn new things: very early on, when we produced An Empty Plate, I was

drafted to run the light board--something I'd never done before. I did this a few more

times during the run of Our Town as well: a little scary for a dramaturg, but lots of fun.”

Sound Designer, Katharine Horowitz, shared:

“To this day, one of my top five favorite sound cues, and one of the most fun to create,

remains "The History of the World In One Minute” for The Skin of our Teeth.”

And for Artistic Director, Kirby Bennett, these incredible moments she experienced as a producer stood out:

“Meeting audience member Steve from Colorado, who flew in to town for one night to

see Camino Real because he loved the play and had never had a chance to see it


“Seeing our full team for Street Scene with 26 actors and a dozen or more production

team assembled around the table for the first read through. Craig and I looked at each

other and mutually said “ok, now I’m nervous!” Fast forward a few months to the Ivey

Awards and Craig accepting his award for directing Street Scene.”

Craig Johnson is returning to direct The Matchmaker for Girl Friday Productions this summer at

the new Andy Boss Thrust Stage at Park Square Theatre. All of us at Girl Friday are looking

forward to the new memories we will create with you in this new space and in our future


Still want to share your memory? Send us a message on our website or leave a comment on our

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