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Quotes from the audience


“Thanks for your courage in putting this on. It is good to have excellent challenging theater to attend.”

—audience member


“Riveting! Inventive, Compelling!

—audience member


“Williams’s ravishing language and torn-from-the-dark-night-of-the-soul theatrics never bore. Indeed, this is a production you might very well wish to revisit.”


“Girl Friday delivers a bang-up production.”

—John Olive: How Was the Show


“Brave and bold choices were made! Keep going with this, we need more daring productions in this city.”

—audience member


“I am willing to go where Girl Friday takes me.”

—audience member

Camino Real

by Tennessee Williams


July 5-27, 2013

Directed by Benjamin McGovern 


Both the play’s title and location, the Camino Real is the one road into a mysterious port city, which exists outside of time and serves as a purgatory of lost souls, seekers and dreamers. Tennessee Williams’ fantastical tale is peopled with legendary characters from history and literature, such as Casanova, Camille, Lord Byron, and Don Quixote, as well as others created by Williams. The characters, terrified of the great unknown that lies beyond the city’s walls, struggle to either escape or to accept their fates, with results that are both heartbreaking and humorous. Into this surreal world comes Kilroy, the quintessential American character who challenges the real and imagined boundaries of the Camino Real. 


An outstanding ensemble cast rose to the challenge of this rare piece with beauty and zest, embodying the words of the production’s key phrase: “Make voyages! Attempt them! There's nothing else.”



Don Quixote: Craig Johnson

Sancho Panza: Sam Landman

Guards: Eric Knutson, James Rodriguez

Gutman: Alan Sorenson

Prudence: Kimberly Richardson

Jacques Casanova: John Middleton

Survivor: James Rodriguez

Rosita: Kimberly Richardson

First Officer: Eric Knutson

Lady Mulligan: Meri Golden

The Dreamer: Craig Johnson

La Madrecita: Laurel Armstrong, De Los Perdidos:

The Gypsy: Sally Ann Wright

Her daughter, Esmeralda: Sara Richardson

Abdullah: John Riedlinger

Kilroy: Eric Knutson

Second Officer: James Rodriguez

Pickpocket: Meri Golden

The Street Cleaners: Kimberly Richardson, John Riedlinger, Ratt, Sam Landman

Baron De Charlus: David Beukema

Lobo: John Riedlinger

Loan Shark: James Rodriguez

Nursie: Sam Landman

Lord Mulligan: Craig Johnson

Marguerite Gautier, aka Camille: Kirby Bennett

Waiter: David Beukema

Lord Byron: David Beukema

Pilot of the Fugitivo: James Rodriguez

The Young Man: James Rodriguez

The Instructor: Kimberly Richardson

Vendors, Street People, Guards, Passengers, Fiesta Celebrants: The Ensemble

Musicians: Laurel Armstrong (vocals), Sam Landman (drums), John Riedlinger (guitar), James Rodriguez (vocals)


Production Team:

Director: Benjamin McGovern

Producers: Kirby Bennett, Anthony Paul

Scenic Design: Benjamin McGovern

Costume Design: Kathy Kohl

Lighting Design: Karin Olson

Sound Design: Katharine Horowitz

Properties Design: Sarah Holmberg

Stage Manager: Sarah Bauer

Dramaturg: Kit Gordon

Production Assistant: Joe Hendren

Costume Design Assistant: Mary Farrell

Movement and Fight Choreographer: Annie Enneking

Assistant Director and Properties: Annelise Eckelaert

Music Advisor: Laurel Armstrong

Technical Director: Dave Pust

Set Crew: Sarah J. Dorn, Big John Salto, John Riedlinger,
James Rodriguez, Eli Schlatter, Luther Salveson, Andy Kernan, Jeff Johnson, Anthony Paul, Phil Losacker

Wardrobe: Lisa Billingham

Electricians: Sarah Bauer, Mike Kittel

Sound Operator: Katie Burger

Night Skies Painted by: John Clark Donahue

Photographer: Rich Fleischman

Graphic Design: Wendy Ruyle and 5 by 5 Design

Audience Services: Philip Losacker, Nancy Paul

Hospitality: Philip Losacker, Kit Gordon, Lisa Billingham,
Craig Johnson, Sigrid Johnson, Laura and Luther Salveson, Joel Sass, Harvey McLain, Turtle Bread and Cafe Levain


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