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“Girl Friday Productions blends the unconventional with the familiar to produce a cozy, truly lovely staging that is sweet but not sugary, sincere but not cloying, clear-eyed without being cynical, and tender without being maudlin.”

—Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press



Our Town

by Thornton Wilder


July 6-28, 2007

Directed by Craig Johnson 


“Our Town is not… a picture of life in a New Hampshire village; or a speculation about the conditions of life after death. It is an attempt to find a value above all price for the smallest events in our daily life...”

—Thornton Wilder



Simon Stimson: Sam Landman

Dr. Gibbs: Bob Malos

Joe Crowell: Whistler Allen

Howie Newsome: Ryan Kathman

Mrs. Gibbs: Kirby Bennett

Mrs. Webb: Heather Stone

George Gibbs: Ian Miller

Rebecca Gibbs: Shelby Flannery

Wally Webb: Collan Simmons

Emily Webb: Jenny Hollingsworth Kathman

Professor Willard: Julie Weaver

Editor Webb: John Middleton

Mrs. Soames: Laura Respess Salveson

Constable Warren: M. Scott Taulman

Si Crowell: Whistler Allen

Mr. Morgan: Sam Landman

Reverend Ferguson: Julie Weaver

Sam Craig: Ryan Kathman

Joe Stoddard: M. Scott Taulman

Mrs. Carter: Julie Weaver

The Stage Manager: The Company


Production Team:

Director: Craig Johnson

Producers: Kirby Bennett, Natalie Diem, Kit Gordon

Scenic Design: Joel Sass

Lighting Design: Jen DeGolier

Costume Design: Carolann Winter

Sound Design: Katharine Horowitz

Stage Manager: Stacy Halvorson

Dramaturg and Sound Operator: Kit Gordon

Backstage Assistant: Wini Froelich

Graphic Design: 5 by 5 Design

Audience Services: Philip Losacker

Opening Night Host Committee: Nancy Ruyle and Anthony Paul, Joyce Hoelting, Laura and Luther Salveson, Susan Losacker, Kit and Bob Gordon, Joel Sass and Dann Krueger, Heather Stone


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