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Production History
Photo Gallery

All photos by Rich Fleischman.

Quotes from the audience


“Neighbor argues with neighbor about the proper allocation of economic resources among the rich and the poor. Racial epithets are hurled at immigrants, who are regarded with suspicion. To consider marriage outside of its traditional boundaries is to pick a fight. Domestic discord turns murderous and bloody.


Sounds like the front page of today's newspaper, right? But these tensions have been part of America's national dialogue for decades. Evidence of that sad fact comes in Girl Friday Production's effective, evocative and prescient staging of ‘Street Scene.’”

—Dominic Papatola, Pioneer Press


Street Scene

by Elmer Rice


July 7-30, 2011

Directed by Craig Johnson 


Elmer Rice’s 1929 Pulitzer Prize-winning Street Scene is a rich collage of the universal dramas and dreams of New York City tenement dwellers. Surprisingly relevant for today, this rarely produced masterpiece explores the comedy and tragedy of daily life through the experiences of several working class families, many of them new immigrants. Twenty-six actors and one dog tackled nearly 60 roles in this detailed slice of life. Teeming with humanity, Street Scene offered a bold ensemble exploration of American society.


Street Scene was selected by the Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, and Lavender Magazine as one of the Top Ten shows of 2011. Director Craig Johnson received a Twin Cities Ivey Award honoring his direction of the show, and leading lady Anna Sundberg received the Ivey Award for Emerging Artist recognizing her work in Street Scene and many other productions.
This production was made possible, in part, by funds provided by the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council through an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature.



Willie Maurrant: Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

Abraham Kaplan: John Middleton

Greta Fiorentino: Amanda Rafuse

Emma Jones: Ellen Apel

Olga Olsen: Mary Fox

Anna Maurrant: Kirby Bennett

Daniel Buchanan: Joel Grothe

Frank Maurrant: Bob Malos

George Jones: Brian Columbus

Steve Sankey: Dan Hopman

Frazzled Mother: Wini Froelich

Grumpy Girl: Jillian Jacobsen

Agnes Cushing: Anna Olson

Carl Olsen: Nathan Surprenant

Shirley Kaplan: Laurel Armstrong

Filippo Fiorentino: Sam Landman

Alice Simpson: Katherine Kupiecki

Laura Hildebrand: Mary Fox

Mary Hildebrand: Jillian Jacobsen

Charlie Hildebrand: Collan Simmons

Samuel Kaplan: Logan Verdoorn

Rose Maurrant: Anna Sundberg

Harry Easter: Eric Knutson

Queenie: Pebbles

Mae Jones: Shelby Flannery

Dick McGann: David Beukema

Vincent Jones: Gary DuBreuil

Dr. John Wilson: John Middleton

Singer: Laurel Armstrong

A Milkman: Nathan Surprenant

A Workman: Gary DuBreuil

A Letter-Carrier: Dan Hopman

Mr. Callahan: Bob Malos

Two College Students: Laurel Armstrong, Logan Verdoorn

A Grocery Boy: Naveh Shavit-Lonstein

A Music Student: Shelby Flannery

Marshall James Henry: Sam Landman

Fred Cullen: David Beukema

Old Clothes Woman: Anna Olson

Policemen: Eric Knutson, David Beukema

An Intern: Katherine Kupiecki

An Ambulance Driver: Gary DuBreuil

Furniture Movers: Logan Verdoorn, Joel Grothe

Officer Harry Murphy: Brian Columbus

Two Nurse-Maids: Mary Fox, Amanda Rafuse

Tennis Players: David Beukema, Katherine Kupiecki

Two Apartment Hunters: Byron Adams, Indira Addington

Passers-By and Off Stage Voices: The Ensemble


Production Team:

Director: Craig Johnson

Producers: Kirby Bennett, Anthony Paul

Dramaturg: Kit Gordon

Scenic Design: Joel Sass

Costume Design: Kathy Kohl

Lighting Design: Jennifer DeGolier

Sound Design: Katharine Horowitz

Properties Design: Erica Zaffarano

Costume Design Assistant: Annie Cady

Stage Manager: Penny Laden Kissinger

Assistant Stage Manager: Wini Froelich

Assitant Director and Fight Choreographer: Joel Grothe

Technical Director: Gunther Gullickson

Set, Light and Costume Crews: Justin Hooper, Jo Olson, Matt Erkle, Aaron Shoenrock, Brittany Eastburn, Mary Farrell, Lisa Billingham

Dialect Coach: Jim Ahrens

Photographer: Rich Fleischman

Graphic Design: Wendy Ruyle and 5 by 5 Design

Audience Services Managers: Philip Losacker, Nancy Paul

Hospitality Committee: Lisa Billingham and Michael Jensen, Joyce Hoelting, Susan Losacker, Laura and Luther Salveson, Anthony and Nancy Paul, Wendy Ruyle. And special thanks to Harvey McLain, Turtle Bread and Cafe Levain


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