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“This is a fine first step for Girl Friday Productions, and we look forward to their next course.”

—Graydon Royce, StarTribune


An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf

by Michael Hollinger


July 15-30, 2005

Directed by Natalie Diem 

A “comic tragedy in seven courses” celebrating the joys of cooking, sex, bullfighting and the collected works of Ernest Hemingway.



Victor: Bob Malos

Claude: Edwin Strout

Mimi: Alayne Hopkins

Antoine: Ben Kernan

Gaston: Sam Landman

Louise: Kirby Bennett


Production Team:

Director: Natalie Diem

Assistant Director/Dramaturg: Kit Gordon

Producer: Kirby Bennett

Sound Design: Greg Brosofske

Scenic Design: Steve Kath

Costume Design: Elin Anderson

Lighting Design: Mike Kittel


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